Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias Training

This course will enable delegates to build an understanding of unconscious bias and its relationship with discriminatory behavior. The course will generate discussion on the relevance of understanding unconscious bias, as it relates to job responsibilities, organisational culture and recruitment. This course will assist delegates in understanding the relevance of corporate diversity.

Our Diversity Consultants

Our unconscious bias training is delivered by a diversity consultant with over 20 years professional experience in the field. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, our expert supports organisations to understand how policy, processes and functions affect diversity.

Our training expert has significant, high level experience across the public and private sector and adopts a focused approach to enabling leaders, and work teams to embed diversity and inclusion into strategic and workplace activities.
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Who is this course for?

 Our unconscious bias course is ideally suited to individuals who have direct responsibility for the culture within an organisation. If you are a business that is serious about becoming inclusive, then this course should be a serious consideration.We can provide a range of flexible course options from a full day, or we can offer two half-day sessions in one day.

Engaging Learning Experience

We have all been on boring training courses, looking at the clock or thinking about what we need from the shops on the way home. Our training team are passionate about creating a dynamic and interactive learning experiences. Our approach is to stimulate conversation, take part in activities and to ensure your team  make the most of the time they spend.

Why not see what one of our clients said about a recent training course by watching this video. 

Blended Learning Solutions

Our unconscious bias training can be delivered in a traditional classroom based environment using interactive content that makes the most of our time with your team. We use highly experienced facilitators who are able to provide an engaging learning experience that covers the key aspects of unconscious bias. 

If you are looking to arrange unconscious bias training for your staff, speak to us about arranging your free consultation call.

Our award-winning team have created a market-leading range of Diversity eLearning courses. Our courses are available in over 200 languages and can be bespoke built to suit your needs. We also offer an ‘out of the box’ range of eLearning courses.  If you would like to access a free demo of our eLearning courses –Click here

Workplace Diversity Solutions are able to provide you with one of our Learning In A Box courses to support your learning on Unconcious Bias. We provide you with the tools, knowledge and resources you need to be able to deliver the course internally. 

Using our Learning In A Box solution offers incredible value as you do not need to rely on an external training provider, you own the content and can use it whenever you need it. Speak to us today about how you can access award-winning content for a small investment.

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