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Sector In A Box Retail Edition


If you are a Retailer, Coffee Shop, Hotel, Leisure Attraction, Shopping Centre, Music Venue, or, a high footfall customer facing business looking to gain a detailed understanding of how to support people with a disability, our sector in a box could be the learning solution for you. We also cover topics such as diversity and mental health awareness.


Why Should This Solution be a Serious Consideration?

Our Sector in A Box solution puts businesses in charge of their own learning. We give you all of the tools, resources, knowledge, and expertise you need to deliver the course in a way that suits your business. Using this innovative learning solution removes the need to rely on an external provider to deliver the content, and empowers you to build expertise within your organisation.


Using our solution enables you to have access to the right resources for one single investment. You will not need to rely upon an external training provider to up-skill your staff.  We empower you to deliver the training you need when you need it.


What is Included in the Box?

An Engaging Presentation Covering Key Topics
Trainers Notes to Empower You to Deliver the Course
Guides & Fact-sheets to Support Learning
Case Studies to Enable Participation
Additional Resources to Empower your Staff



What Topics are Available?


Click on the PDF icon below to download your free detailed guide to this solution


Can I talk to someone about this?


Workplace Diversity Solutions offers a free telephone consultation so that we can ensure we help you to identify which of our learning solutions will work for you. If you would like to arrange your consultation please get in touch or, email us at to discuss your requirements.