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Mental Health Awareness Training

Many of us still feel uncomfortable talking about the issue of mental health. Millions of people every year will experience a mental health condition or difficulty.


Research carried out by MIND suggests that an estimated 300,000 people have to leave their job each year due to a mental health problem.


Our team of learning experts believe that for your staff to get the most from the time they spend with us, each learning experience needs to be:

The World Health Organisation predicts that within 20 years more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem.


What does the course cover? 

An introduction to mental health
Facilitating positive conversations
Challenging stereotypes and perceptions
Common mental health conditions
Why mental health is important


This interactive and informative training course is designed to help you gain a basic understanding of mental health issues and how to provide quality support.


We can also provide you with a engaging exercise that talks about the masks that we often wear in the workplace, this excercise is ideal for the management population within your business, or as a way of stimulating discussion.


What does interactive learning look like?

Added value from Workplace Diversity Solutions

Our team of experts believe that learning should be an ongoing proccess. We have developed a range of guides, factsheets and case studies to accompany our mental health classroom course.


We have a wide range of guides and learning resources that cover key topics including:

An introduction to mental health
Anxiety & Depression
Managing conflict and having a positive conversation with staff
Bipolar and other common mental health conditions
Supporting employees and managing workplace mental health

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