Mental health eLearning is just one of the ways that Workplace Diversity Solutions can support large organisations with their diversity and inclusion agenda.

Mental Health eLearning by award-winning experts

Eurostar International commissioned Workplace Diversity Solutions to provide an interactive mental health eLearning module.  Having worked with Eurostar International for several years, Richard Shakespeare and his team, created an engaging eLearning module.  It is highly interactive, with expert content and uses the latest technology.

Twenty-five years ago, Eurostar changed the way people travel from the UK to mainland Europe forever. Today, Eurostar has created a generation of travellers who think nothing of hopping on the train after breakfast and relaxing in a Parisian bistro by lunchtime. Since launching, Eurostar has doubled the number of visitors travelling from London to Paris and Brussels.

Working with Eurostar International

Richard Shakespeare and his team first started working with Eurostar in 2012 by providing their passenger assistance team with disability awareness training ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.

Eurostar has had a continued relationship with the company, including further classroom-based learning sessions and, most recently, by commissioning Workplace Diversity Solutions to deliver an eLearning course on Mental Health.

Speaking recently about their working relationship, Richard Shakespeare, Managing Director of Workplace Diversity Solutions said:

“Having worked with the company for the last seven years, Eurostar has always been keen to embrace diversity and inclusion and has a long-standing commitment to the learning and development of their employees”.

“We are delighted to have continued to support Eurostar by delivering this eLearning module, we wanted to create something engaging that would empower their employees to feel more confident around the important topic of mental health”.

Eurostar International Said:

” Working with Richard and his team has been a delight, the tools used to set up the training and having it all translated for our French colleagues was of no stress to them. We are very pleased with the outcome, it’s got varying learning methods, it is interactive with a mix of voice over, video, quiz, animations and it grips the student to the very end. Mental Health has been a focus for Eurostar this year and going forwards and this brilliant online training tool will help reduce the stigma in the workplace, making our environment a better and inclusive place to work for all. “

Natasha Scoggins -Safety Assurance and Risk Specialist Eurostar International Ltd 

During a recent testing phase, a Eurostar Employee said:

“This was for me the best piece of eLearning I have completed at Eurostar. I was hooked, it was interesting, varied and like the chop and change of activities and sound. It was so interactive and informative”

Mental Health eLearning available in over 200 languages

The eLearning created by Workplace Diversity Solutions can be translated into over 200 languages due to a partnership with PAB Languages Limited.

“We believe that true localisation of training materials requires the skills of a professional. Online tools are usually unreliable, don’t recognise cultural references and often result in training being full of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes and, even worse, miscommunication. At PAB Languages, our team understands the nuances of language and cultural sensitivity and we make business training messages sound natural and correct to native speakers.”

Iwona Lebiedowicz, Director PAB Languages

Workplace Diversity Solutions are an award-winning full-service Diversity Consultancy that has worked with many leading companies, both in the UK and Internationally. You can find out more about their range of learning solutions, including the eLearning by visiting this page.

Richard Shakespeare recently received an award at the Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards for his work in the Diversity & Inclusion field. Read the news article here