Living with autism is an interview in which we get a personal insight from someone who knows more than most about life with autism. In this special video interview, we meet Laurie Morgen. Laure is an autism awareness trainer published Author, she also happens to have autism.

An image of Laurie Morgen. Laurie is a person living with autism. A lady wearing a bright red jacket, large black hat and white shirt.

Laurie has recently published her first book. Laurie’s book is a very personal story. We have included an overview of the book below.

Behind clinical approaches to autism are real human beings with real lives. This is just one of them. Written by an autistic parent, this book looks at the situation they faced when playing a game where nobody told them the rules. This is a story of resilience and determination in the face of great odds, driven by a mother’s love for her children.

You can order your copy of Laurie’s book here

This living with autism interview explores life through the eyes of someone who wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood gives us a really powerful insight into what it would be like living with autism, At the moment, due to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world many of us having to adapt to a form of social isolation.

During the social distancing and lockdown within the UK, we conducted a series of interviews with Laurie. These video interviews are designed to tackle some of the issues that living with a disability can present.

You can watch the first video in this series by clicking this link or watching it below.

Listen to the first interview with Laurie Morgen about living with autism

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