Diversity- Moving Beyond Passion is about helping you to move forward in terms of diversity and inclusion. All too often when people talk about diversity and inclusion they talk about passion. Being passionate about diversity and inclusion is fantastic but, passion alone simply is not enough.

Two weeks into the new decade, what is driving your approach to diversity and inclusion in 2020? In previous articles we have spoken about the need to take a strategic approach to diversity & inclusion. Bin the box ticking exercises, steer clear of diversity gimmicks, and focus on adding real value that drives lasting change.

Value Diversity

Valuing diversity means doing more than simply talking about it. Take time to understand the business case for diversity and formulate a realistic plan with measurable outputs. Ensure that your approach to diversity and inclusion is aligned to your overall business strategy, takes into account the future needs of your business, looks at the talent pipeline for your future workforce and represents the needs of your consumers.

If you are going to be serious about diversity and inclusion in this new decade, you need senior leaders and decision makers to buy into diversity and inclusion take accountability for its progress and support it.

A boardroom in a business. A large airy room with a boardroom table and chairs all set up for a meeting.
Get your senior leadership team and board members to help drive diversity and inclusion

Invest in Diversity

Businesses need to be willing to invest. Do you have a budget to oversee the implementation of a diversity and inclusion approach within your business?

You can access some fantastic diversity and inclusion experts and great support. Remember, that like you these people are more than likely running a commercial business, experts with a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record will charge for their insight like any other professional service provider.

Think about this….

If you went to a Solicitor, Accountant or a Builder you would expect to pay them so don’t think of diversity and inclusion any differently. Be prepared to recognise the value that an experienced diversity and inclusion consultant can bring and be willing to pay for their expertise.

Perhaps you will need external support to help your vision come to life, you may need to conduct a diversity needs analysis to understand where your organisation is in terms of diversity and inclusion and support you in identifying the next steps.

Why not try our free interactive diversity health check here to get the ball rolling?

Is Passion Bad?..

Absolutely not. Passion is extremely important and can help drive innovation, stimulate debate and galvanise people into action. We simply cannot rely on passion alone.

Having a room full of passionate people is fantastic but you need someone who can take that passion and turn into actions and outcomes. Someone who understands the business case for diversity and inclusion as well as the moral aspects.

How many times have you read a CV or a LinkedIn profile for example where someone says: “I am a passionate and motivated individual”? That’s great but how does that help me to move things forward? how does that tell me that you are a capable and experienced professional with a proven track record? If you are going to engage a diversity and inclusion consultant ask for case studies, video testimonials from existing clients and make sure they specialise in the subject areas that are relevant.

Think About How…

Using a blended learning approach. Diversity-Moving beyond Passion, this image shows someone using a tablet like an Ipad to access online learning.
Use technology and blended learning approaches

If one of the things you are looking to do is provide training and development for your staff to increase their knowledge and confidence around diversity and inclusion, think about how you are going to do it. Consider the different learning styles of your audience, make sure that the learning material is relevant to you and your organisation and consider using a blended approach that encompasses methods like eLearning and classroom based activities.

Diversity Membership Schemes…

Joining some of the diversity membership schemes can be beneficial. You can access great resources, events and support. However, make sure that it is going to add value, you are going to get a return on your investment and that it does not just become a logo to put on your website. Investing in some of these schemes can be highly expensive so, do your research and make sure it is the right choice for your business and that it is the best use of your resources.

We have seen so many organisations sign up to disability membership schemes, forums, diversity networks and other similar organisations- these are not a one stop shop, you still need to take action.

If you are already part of a membership organisation do some analysis and measure the return on investment you are getting. Could it be time to allocate your money elsewhere?

Diversity-Moving Beyond Passion

Diversity-Moving beyond passion does not mean that you dismiss the passion people have, it is just about reframing it to add value to your business, not being afraid to invest and taking strides towards lasting change.

As we have said, passion is fantastic, in fact it is vital. Use the passion that your staff have to involve them in your approach to diversity and inclusion. Involve your staff in decisions, ask them for feedback and let them play an active role in creating lasting change. Just recognise that alongside this passion you need expertise and a plan.

Three team members sitting in a relaxed office area having an informal meeting. Diversity -moving beyond passion means taking people with you on the journey.
Engage with your employees, talk to them about moving the diversity debate forward

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