Diversity & Inclusion Tips from the award-winning team at Workplace Diversity Solutions to help you make real progress in 2020.

As we approach a new decade, businesses across the land will be looking back at what they have accomplished in terms of diversity and inclusion in the last decade.

We have certainly seen Diversity, Equality and Inclusion become more popular, in fact, you could argue that they have become a bit of a hot topic. During 2020 we will mark the tenth anniversary of The Equality Act, yet we still see businesses who are largely unaware of this legislation. Has anything changed?

If we are to make real changes in terms of diversity and inclusion, here are some diversity & inclusion tips that I want to share with you.

1-Stop Talking & Start Doing

If we look at any number of websites we see lots of information about how an employer promotes themselves as an “inclusive employer” that embraces individual differences. Maybe they have tried to demonstrate their commitment to diversity by issuing a statement, adding a range of pictures to their website that is intended to show just how diverse their workforce is or, they have signed up to a diversity membership scheme?

Whilst these things can be well- intentioned they don’t show that a business believes in being more diverse and has created an inclusive environment.

Do you feel like your organisation spends more time talking about diversity and inclusion rather than taking real and proactive steps towards being authentic about it?

2- Ask Yourself These Quick Questions:

You may find it useful to grab a pen and paper and note down your answers. The concept behind our diversity & inclusion tips is to help you identify opportunities.

Does your organisation have a senior leadership team that truly drives the diversity and inclusion agenda?

Is your organisation increasing diversity within the leadership team?

Is your business taking a long term strategic approach to diversity and inclusion?

During the last decade, do you feel that you have made big enough improvements in terms of diversity and inclusion?

You can read one of our previous articles in which we talk about the importance of having a diversity and inclusion strategy.

We have also given you access to our free Diversity Health Check Tool here.

3- Look Around You

Most days you will see a press article, LinkedIn post or something that talks about one aspect of diversity and inclusion. Start looking around you to identify reliable sources of information.

We recently saw some research published that suggested that many organisations were simply failing to address diversity and inclusion issues at a boardroom level. In fact, in the last year, we have seen the number of Black, Asian Minority Ethnic Executives decrease over the past year.

Earlier this year. we spoke to Carmen Morris, Carmen is a leading diversity and inclusion Consultant. Carmen spoke about the leadership pipeline and gave us her thoughts on what needed to be done.

A Diverse Life Podcast explores the leadership pipe line with Carmen Morris, Diversity & Inclusion tips are available from our podcast.

You can tune into the episode of A Diverse Life Podcast in which Carmen Morris shares her thoughts in a Podcast here

Whilst we have seen lots of press coverage about diversity and inclusion, we have had events such as Black History Month, International Day of People with Disabilities and a whole host of activity around diversity and inclusion, are people just talking about it rather than taking action?

4- Diversity & Inclusion Training

Blended Learning Approaches.
Training does not have to be traditional -A typical classroom setting.

Diversity and Inclusion training can bring real business benefits to an organisation. If diversity and inclusion training is to be successful it needs to be relevant, engaging and deliver results. It is also important that diversity and inclusion form part of your business culture, is aligned to the overall business strategy and is not just a one-off affair that is visited once in a blue moon.

Regular training events that are well structured and relevant to your workforce will be far more valuable than a simple box- ticking activity. Make sure that the training is going to be delivered by a subject matter expert who has a wealth of experience.

Training can be delivered via traditional classroom- based settings, or by using technological advances such as eLearning. Workplace Diversity Solutions offers both classroom- based courses and eLearning.

You can read about one of our recent eLearning projects here.

Having a blended approach to learning is important. We all like to learn in different ways and will each absorb information differently. Take a blended approach to your training agenda which allows for individual learning styles.

5- Experiential & Theatrical Learning

Experiential learning is in essence about learning through experience. Within our different training solutions, we employ a varied range of techniques which are all designed to stimulate debate and deliver powerful learning experiences.

Too much PowerPoint and not enough interaction is a quick and easy way to kill any effective learning. Think about giving your employees a different training experience. Could you use trained actors to facilitate some theatrical learning that delivers a powerful message about the importance of diversity and inclusion?

Imagine if your training provider arrived looking like this…

We use these masks within our interactive mental health training. These masks are designed to show you some of the masks we might wear in the workplace to hide our behaviours, show some of the different personalities we might experience within the workplace and to stimulate discussion.

Diversity & Inclusion Tips-An interactive learning experience using trained actors to show some of the masks we might wear in the workplace. A man stood in a classroom wearing different masks to show different behaviours or personalities.
Interactive training being delivered using trained actors

If you are thinking about moving away from the conventional learning you may currently be doing -Watch this video to see how our masks workshop might engage your staff.

We have delivered this style of workshop for clients including the NHS and Eurostar International.

A short video to show some of the masks we wear in the workplace

6- Measure Your Activity

If you have joined a diversity membership scheme or outsourced your diversity and inclusion work to an external organisation, make sure you can measure the results.

Some organisations are renewing their memberships to diversity and inclusion organisations and consultancy firms without really being clear on the value that they are adding.

In some cases, businesses are spending more than £20,000 per year to be part of diversity groups and forums-If you are doing this, have you measured their impact?

If you would like to access our free diversity and inclusion resources, please visit this page of our website. You will find further diversity & inclusion tips along with the following resources.

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