Autism Misconceptions often come from what we see on the television or, in the media. What is it like to be an autistic person?

At the start of lockdown, Laurie Morgen and I began a series of conversations around diversity. I was particularly keen to hear of Laurie’s experiences as an autistic person. I wanted to gain more of an understanding of what autism is and, why there are so many misconceptions around autism. Who better to speak with than a leading autism expert?

When speaking to Laurie, you immediately find yourself realising that this is someone with so much to give, so much passion and energy, someone who is navigating a complex and overwhelming world, someone who is deeply knowledgeable and with a powerful lesson for us all.

Laurie makes some really strong points in this interview about the benefits of employing autistic people, how to engage with an autistic person and offers some great advice. Inclusion has never been more important. Laure runs training sessions and is a highly experienced speaker. You can find more about Laurie’s work by visiting her website.

Autism misconceptions can be highly damaging, reach out to Laurie for expert guidance.

Autism Misconceptions Interview

Autism Misconceptions discussion with Laurie Morgen

You can purchase a copy of Laurie Morgen’s book, Travelling by train- the journey of an autistic mother by clicking here

Travelling By Train -The Journey of an Austic Mother is written by Laurie Morgen. Here we can view her book cover which is an illustration of a family waiting on a railway platform. This book will challenge some autism misconceptions

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