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Workplace Diversity Resources
Workplace Diversity Resources
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Jumping ship worries me

At this time of the year many people are looking for a new beginning or even a change of direction, we all know someone who has fallen out of love with their current job – you may even be in that position yourself. I know that when I worked in the financial sector I had certainly fallen out of love with my job and it took me forever to do anything about it.

Just over two years ago the company I worked for at the time dealt what felt like a real blow and raised the matter of redundancy; with a mortgage to pay and the country slowly slipping into a meltdown this was at first unwelcome news.  Looking back at it now they did me probably the biggest favour possible – being shown the door. It was the push I needed to escape a job that frankly bored me to tears, and although I didn’t know it at the time it was to change my life forever.  After some consideration I decided to become self-employed and it has been more rewarding than I ever imagined.

Just a few evenings ago I spoke to a very good friend of mine who had been working late nights on a project that his boss had given him to do. His boss had made the project sound far easier and less time consuming than it actually turned out to be.  My friend then made a statement that really got me thinking – I am going to share this with you and wonder if you will feel as I did.

“I almost feel like it’s time to move on or at least start looking around, but I am  worried that jumping ship could turn out to be a mistake, sometimes it’s better the devil you know! He then said what to me was particularly interesting “I guess you don’t agree as you’re a risk taker and you might think I should just take the bull by the horns”.  My reply was to explain that I remember exactly what it was like to feel undervalued at work and to have that feeling that there has to be more to life than this. My friend has two young daughters, a wife and responsibilities so I completely understood his concerns about “Jumping Ship”. He has worked for this company for a few years, has a reasonable salary and a degree of security so of course I can appreciate his concerns.

Now I am not about to suggest that if you hate your job you should simply walk into the office on Monday and hand in your notice, I bet we’ve all dreamt about doing it at some stage though!

I read an article about four to five months ago that suggested that as much as 50% of the current workforces are unhappy in their job and that a lot of people were undertaking an extra qualification or trying to find a route to a better life.  Now the one thing that you perhaps don’t know is that when I was made redundant I really struggled to find a job, in fact I applied for a staggering 1,923 jobs and spent £1,000 on stamps before becoming self-employed. By now you may well be asking yourself – what is his point?

At a time of year when we tend to make “Big Plans” please ensure that before you do anything you that any decisions are given the consideration they need.

Many people dream of becoming self-employed for example and think that is an easy life.  I now run two businesses and love every second of it, but it’s hard work and has it’s downsides as well as the good times.  My point in essence is this: if you want to change your career or take a new direction then by all means do it and don’t be afraid to imagine what your new life could be like… BUT please don’t rush these decisions.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of running your own business? Always wanted to be a nurse? A primary school teacher perhaps? We would suggest contacting professionals with experience of what your dream job can be like and talk to them to get a flavour of whether it is right for you before jumping into anything.

If you would like to find out more about interview skills, job hunting or starting a business then please contact Business Brain Training.

This article was taken from the Jobs&Careers website.