Workplace Diversity Learning Lunch

Engaging Diversity Training Delivered Effectively 

Welcome to a Learning Lunch

 We appreciate the challenges that many businesses face in organising staff training and the difficulties that can arise in making your staff available.

Our Learning Lunch solutions mean that your business is able to provide engaging diversity and inclusion sessions in bite-sized chunks. Using this method as part of your strategic approach to diversity and inclusion means that you can provide some awareness, stimulate conversation about diversity and deliver content in a way that reduces the time needed in a classroom.

Our learning lunches are typically delivered in just over an hour and are available in the following topics:

Introduction to Equality Act 2010
Inclusive Customer Service
Why Diversity & inclusion is important
Mental Health

Why a Learning Lunch ?

A flexible way of delivering training that fits in with you

We can provide experienced trainers or supply you with the content to deliver a course independently

Powerful and high impact training delivered in bite-sized chunks

Reduces the amount of time needed away from the business

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