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Learning In A Box Disability Awareness

Being able to provide training to your own staff without the need for an external training provider gives you greater flexibility as well as considerable cost savings.


What is a Learning In A Box Solution?

Workplace Diversity Solutions has created our Learning In A Box Solution to empower clients to build expertise within their business, give you access to powerful resources when you need them, and the ability to maximise your return on investment.

Within our Disability Awareness In A Box Solution we give you access to specially designed training content that you can use whenever you need them for just one single investment.

Using this approach means that you do not need to source an external training provider and pay each time you want to deliver the course.


What is Included in the Disability Awareness In A Box Solution?

We have created detailed trainers notes so that you have detailed guidance on how to run the course, a range of guides and fact-sheets to help embed learning,case study examples to encourage participation, a highly visual presentation, and a range of interactive activities to engage your learners.

What is covered in the box?

Our course covers everything you need to increase staff awareness of disability

An introduction to what we mean by the term disability
Why disability awareness is important
Types of equipment a person with a disability might use
Effective Communication and appropriate language & terminology
Practical skills to help improve the customer experience

Why is this approach more cost effective?

We know how difficult it can be for businesses to organise training for staff. Often, businesses want to develop in-house expertise that continue to grow. 

Using our Learning In A Box solution means that you have instant access to the content, and supporting materials you need. 

Remove the need to pay an external provider each time you want to train staff
Use the content as many times as you like and maximise your return on investment
Up-skill your own staff to deliver the training and build knowledge within a business
Give your business greater flexibility as you can train whenever or wherever needed
Access high quality training materials that you can use as you wish


Our Learning In A Box solutions start from as little as £2,000 per year -Representing a considerable cost saving over paying an external provider each time you want the course to be delivered. We recommend that a maximum of 20 people attend each time you deliver the course.


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