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Learning In A Box

Learning in a box provides you with all the tools, resources, and, the knowledge you need to run a course independently; empowering you to build in-house expertise.

We know that for many businesses; being in the driving seat for your learning journey is essential. Our learning in a box solution allows you to deliver knowledge when you need it; without the need for an external person.


Educate your employees

Ensure that your employees gain valuable, state-of-the-art knowledge. Contact us to get your very own Learning in a Box solution.

Each Learning In A Box Solution Includes:


Presentation materials for your chosen course
Timing notes to show how long each section takes  
Guidance notes to provide you with subject expertise       
Case study examples to encourage participation
Guides and fact sheets for learners to build knowledge
Interactive activities to encourage group participation


Who Can use a Learning In A Box Solution?

Our Learning In A Box Solution has been designed by training and development experts to be simple, straightforward, and easy to implement. Once you have access to your chosen box you will be able to explore the subject matter with ease and gain the confidence, and the knowledge to deliver a high impact learning experience for your staff.


What Topics are Available?


Want to Find out More?

Workplace Diversity Solutions will be happy to discuss your learning requirements in more detail during a free consultation with one of our team. Click on the icon below to arrange a free consultation.