Learning in A Box Solutions

‘A Learning in a Box solution that allows you to deliver powerful training courses’ 

Powerful & Cost Effective

Workplace Diversity Solutions have created a range of Learning in a Box solutions that empower businesses to deliver training internally without having to rely on an external trainer to come and provide staff training. Taking this approach offers a significant return on investment and enables you to make most of your training budget.

We produced a Learning in A Box Solution on many essential topic areas.

Courses Available

Disability Awareness
Mental Health
Diversity & Inclusion
Equality Act 2010  
Cultural Competence
Inclusive Leadership


Learning In A Box Provides

Industry leading content designed by our in-house team of subject matter experts experts

A cost effective way to deliver training to your teams

Specialist materials, presentations and supporting content on key diversity and inclusion topics

Flexibility to deliver training to your teams whenever you need it without the need for an external training provider

Each Learning In A Box Includes


  • A highly visual presentation of your chosen course content
  • Supporting training notes that enable you to deliver with confidence
  • Tried and tested interactive exercises that engage learners
  • Case Studies written by subject matter experts
  • Supporting information that you can provide to your staff

     Award -Winning Team

    Unlike some training providers or academies who might provide content that they have obtained from elsewhere, Workplace Diversity Solutions have a team of in-house subject matter experts, content developers, e-learning designers and diversity practitioners with many years of industry experience.

    We have created everything you receive in a Learning In A Box solution internally for our clients, and this means that you can be confident that our materials will add value to your business.

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