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Mental Health eLearning Solutions


Workplace Diversity Solutions can provide you with a market leading eLearning Solution that will empower your staff to gain an understanding of mental health.

What Does the eLearning Course Cover?

What Does the term Mental Health Mean?
Understanding Why Mental Health Matters
Managing Workplace Mental Health
Myths Surrounding Mental Health
Accessing Support & Information


A Truly Flexible Approach

Our eLearning solution is designed to meet the needs of your business, we can provide you with a truly flexible learning solution that meets your needs and includes your branding. Alternatively, we can give your staff access to our ready made courses.


Having access to our own team of instructional designers means that we can adapt our content to meet the look and feel of your existing learning platform. Workplace Diversity Solutions can also provide expert advice on which solution is right for you.


Our learning solution gives you access to engaging content that adds the following value to your business.

Benefits of our eLearning Solution

Key Topics Delivered in Manageable Lessons
Content Designed by Experts to Engage Learners
Ability to Build Bespoke eLearning or Access our Courses
Knowledge Checks & Assessments to Embed Understanding
Access Course Data & Completion Rates to Measure Return on Investment


Added Value from Workplace Diversity Solutions

Our team of experts believe that learning should be an ongoing process. We have developed a range of guides, fact sheets and case studies to accompany our mental health eLearning solution.


Speak to us today to arrange your free consultation and discuss how Workplace Diversity Solutions can support your learning journey.