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Diversity resources can support your business to embed a culture of inclusion. Our team have created a range of free resources that you can access on this page.

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Free Diversity Health check

Diversity Podcast

Diversity Resources

Free Managers Guide to Mental Health

Free Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Guide

Free Disability Language & Terminology Guide

Free Diversity Events Planner for 2020

Free Faith Events Calendar 2020

Free Inclusive Communication Guide

Free Guide to Understanding Discrimination

Diversity resources are regularly added to this page. Please come back soon for more free diversity resources.

Diversity and Inclusion 

When you consider diversity and inclusion within your business, it is important to understand the value that being more inclusive can bring. Taking a long-term strategic approach to diversity and inclusion is about having a growth mindset and moving beyond compliance.   Find out more about our services here

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Consider the Following: 

  • Do you have a diversity and inclusion strategy?
  • Have you undertaken a diversity health check?
  • Are your leadership team in a position to support you with diversity and inclusion?
  • Are you aware of key diversity events and religious events?
  • Do your staff need support with language and terminology around disabilities?

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