Diversity Needs Analysis

Taking a strategic approach to diversity & inclusion empowers real change

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Our Diversity Needs Analysis  process has been designed by our team of experts to empower you to take a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion.

Conducting a Diversity Needs Analysis allows our team to identify the real issues within your business and provides an opportunity to increase staff engagement around the issue of diversity and inclusion.

Our Diversity Needs Analysis

Why not complete our online assessment tool to give you more of an insight into our Diversity Needs Analysis. This simple tool will take just a few minutes to complete and will give you some guidance, ideas and inspiration of how to embed diversity within your business. We do not ask you to sign up for anything-It really is quick and easy to use. 

How Our Process Works

Workplace Diversity Solutions is a full service diversity and inclusion consultancy. Creating a culture of inclusion where everyone feels respected, valued and can reach their full potential is at the heart of everything we do. 

Taking a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion is the only way to deliver powerful results. Diversity and inclusion should form part of your overall business strategy. Conducting a Diversity Needs Analysis means that we can build a long term partnership with you and provide the right guidance and support that enables you to create an inclusive culture.

Our Diversity Needs Analysis explores:

  • How your business is performing in regards to diversity and inclusion
  • How we can add value to your work on diversity and inclusion
  • Areas where we can support you to drive change


We support senior leaders within a business to gain an understanding of inclusive leadership. Our Diversity Needs Analysis process will examine how the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions of leaders impacts the diversity and inclusion agenda within the business.

We provide strategic guidance, training and consultancy support to ensure that you are creating an inclusive culture that is fully supported at leadership level.

Our team of experts can support you in taking a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion. We ensure that diversity and inclusion becomes part of your business and in embeded into your practices.

Using our Diversity Needs Analysis we will examine areas where the business can drive change and become industry leaders for diversity and inclusion. Our strategic advice is aligned to your vision, embeds inclusive values and supports your diversity and inclusion goals.

During our Diversity Needs Analysis we take the time to engage with people from all areas of your business. We will conduct side by side observations of your staff in their environment, we will conduct focus groups to asses any knowledge gaps they may have around diversity and inclusion, we will ask them what they feel can be improved within the business in terms of the culture and involve the people within your business in our process.

We can also make reccomendations on how we can involve your customers and key stakeholders in ensuring that your products and services are accessible, inclusive and obtainable. 


During our Diversity Needs Analysis, we examine your current and future training needs.

Our team has a wealth of experience in training and development. We look at your current training content to ensure that it is still relevant, engaging and meeting the needs of your business and your staff.

We can support you by providing a blended learning approach using traditional classroom-based learning, eLearning or through our Learning In A Box Solutions.

Once we have completed the Diversity Needs Analysis, we provide you with the following:

  • A detailed report of our findings and all supporting evidence
  • Results from our focus groups with your staff and an indication of their thoughts and feelings around diversity and inclusion
  • Recommendations for change and business improvement
  • Detailed guidance on how to implement a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion that will drive real change

All too often, we hear of companies that have provided information about diversity and inclusion but has left the client unsure of what to do next. Our approach is to to build a long term relationship with you that supports you in creating a culture of inclusion. 

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