Consumer Vulnerability Frameworks

Our award-winning experts can support you in addressing consumer vulnerability

We can support Consumer Vulnerability

Understanding how you can make sure that your products and services are accessible, usable and inclusive is increasingly essential for businesses.

When you consider the needs of your customers, have you considered the following?

  • Do your staff receive training to be able to recognise vulnerability?
  • Are your services flexible to be able to meet the needs of vulnerable consumers?
  • Do your staff receive training on the Equality Act 2010?
  • Have you examined your customer complaints procedure to ensure it is accessible?

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How our team can support you

We can conduct a diversity needs analysis to establish opportunities to become more inclusive

We can establish a panel of experts to provide guidance on inclusive service provision

We can help you to create a strategy around inclusive service

We can provide a market leading range of classroom and eLearning courses


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